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The biggest conversation going around currently is about Covid-19, social distancing and how to avoid catching the virus. In a world where people need to see your home before they buy it, how do you handle that?

A lot of restrictions have been placed on those of us who work in the real estate world. Open houses and group showings are prohibited, Hand sanitizer and wipes are everywhere, and we’re encouraged to not touch anything. So what ARE we doing to keep you safe?

  • Virtual Tours: I’m not sure about you, but I want to see a house before I put an offer on it to make sure its the right house for me. With open houses not being an option, I am personally doing virtual walk throughs for all my seller clients. Honestly, It’s a really cool feature and it takes no time at all to set up. It allows a potential buyer to see your house without ever stepping foot into your house.
  • Not opening doors: This one might sound odd to you, but many agents are asking the seller to leave all doors open. This would be those in the bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and pantries. By limiting how many surfaces you touch, you minimize how many places you can potentially spread germs. Hopefully your agent has sanitizer wipes for those couple doors you do have to open.
  • Putting in the proper verbiage into your offer: Right now, there is a lot of uncertainty with people who work in industries that are having a harder time than others. Make sure your agent puts in a clause in case your loan is either denied, or commitment is postponed because your job has been affected.

A lot of people have put their house hunting on hold right now, but if you’re thinking about selling and you are comfortable with someone being in your house, there are lots you can do now while buyers are biding their time. Take this opportunity and let your Realtor get your pictures done and enhanced, get the virtual tour set up, and create a floor plan. Doing these things now gives you a better advantage in the spring market this year. Be prepared, don’t procrastinate!

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