Once upon a time there was a tree….

It was a big tree, that prevented the houses around it from having the ability to have solar panels, had too many leaves that fell in the fall, and cast so much shadow that it was close to impossible to grow grass under its substantial shade.

It was a good tree…

It held strong against the forces of New England weather, and even when parts would fall it did manageable damage and provided many laughs when someone would attempt to climb and trim its colossal limbs. 

One December day the landowners decided to remove the tree. They chose a candidate they felt was worthy of the task. But destruction lay in their wake.

The tree had fallen on a neighbors fence and broken limbs off another tree. They were unprepared for the amount of wood that would need to be removed and could only take on small piece away at a time. The noble landowner took their word when they said they would come back from their quest to dispose of the wood. Times goes by, and the noble landowner wonders when the chosen contractor will be back….

Unfortunately many home owners go through this exact thing. We find a project we can’t do ourselves and we find someone who claims they can do it for you and they really can’t. The moral of the story: do your due diligence when hiring contractors for ANY project. Ask about their license and insurance. You want to make sure you are protected if something goes wrong.

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